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SWAMID Metadata Tool

Welcome to the SWAMID Metadata Tool. With this tool you can browse and examine metadata available through SWAMID.

Public available information

To view entities, i.e. Identity Providers and Service Providers, available in SWAMID, select a tab:

  • All in SWAMID lists all entities registered in SWAMID.
  • IdP in SWAMID lists Identity Providers registered in SWAMID including identity assurance profiles.
  • SP in SWAMID lists Service Providers registered in SWAMID including requested entity categories.
  • IdP via interfederation lists Identity Providers imported into SWAMID from interfederations.
  • SP via interfederation lists Service Providers imported into SWAMID from interfederations.

The entities can be sorted and filtered using the headers of the tables and the entityID search form. E.g entering "umu.se" in the entityID search form will list all entities including "umu.se" in their entityID.

Add or Update Identity Provider or Service Provider metadata

Login using the orange button at the top right corner of this page to add, update or request removal of your entites in SWAMID. SWAMID Operations authenticates and validates all updates before changes are published in the SWAMID metadata. After login, help on adding/updating entites is available in the menu at the top. When you have requested publication you will get an e-mail that you need to forward to operations for compleation.

If you do not have an active user account at a SWAMID Identity Provider, you can create an eduID account at eduID.se. Make sure that the primary email address of your eduID account matches an email address associated with a contact person of your entities.